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Mardome Rooflights

Mardome Trade, Ultra and Hilite rooflights have been completely redesigned to give you superior style with more choices to improve performance.

Contemporary Style

Sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out

Contemporary low rise glazing profile

Architectural aluminium security frame on Mardome Ultra and Mardome Hilite

Concealed components on all powered opening domes for an uninterrupted streamlined lightwell

High Insulation

New multi-wall PVC kerb achieves high insulation levels

Unique glazing cassette in triple and quad skins reduces risk of condensation

Triple skin new generation Mardomes achieve a centre pane U-value of 1.8 W/m2K and a Ud-value which ranges from 1.25W/m2K for a 600x600 dome to 1.51W/m2K for a 1200x2400mm dome.

High performance inner skin glazing options such as argon filled glass and multiwall polycarbonate can further reduce the Ud-value to as low as 0.95W/m2K

Noise Reduction

Acoustics pack available

Easy Installation

Delivered ready to fit in sturdy protective packaging

Factory fitted membrane to kerb for holding roofing felt or membrane in place

Tapered kerb foot specially designed to allow roof covering to be finished without need for timber fillets

The new generation makes selection of your Mardome easier. Starting with the standard dome, the Mardome Trade, and stepping up to the architectural Ultra and the top specification Hilite, each model features improved performance and styling.

Useful Information

For further information please see Ariel Plastics’ web site here.

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