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Soil and Waste

FloPlast offer a comprehensive choice of systems and products, in a range of sizes and colours, to suit all tastes and applications. (Colours include; White, Black and Grey)

The FloPlast reputation for technical excellence and quality has established the company as a leading supplier of Above Ground Plumbing Systems.

System Features:

Comprehensive, integrated and modern range of products and systems for all soil and waste applications.

Components have a consistent high-gloss finish and colour and are essentially maintenance free.

Tough and durable, yet lightweight for ease of installation.

Compatible with most other existing materials and systems manufactured to British/European Standards.

Manufactured to British/European Standards specification where applicable.

110mm Ring Seal Soil System PVC-U BS EN 1329-1:2000 / BS 4514:2001

110mm Solvent Weld Soil System PVC-U BS EN 1329-1:200 / BS 4514:2001

W.C. Pan Connectors Polypropylene

Push-Fit Wast System Polypropylene (PP) BS NE 1451-1:2000 / BS 5254

ABS Solvent Weld Waste System BS EN 1455-1:2000 / BS 5255

MuPVC Solvent Weld Waste System BS EN 1566-1:2000 / BS 5255

“Unicorn” Universal Compression Waste System BS 5254 / BS EN 1451

Waste Traps BS EN 274

21.5MM Overflow Waste System

Further guidance should also be sought by reference to:

BS EN 12056:200 Gravity DrainageSystems inside buildings.

BS 8000 - 13:1989 Workmanship on building sites. Code of practice for about ground drainage and sanitary appliances.

The Building Regulations 2000

Approved Document H - Drainage and Waste Disposal:2002.

Approved Document B - Fire Safety:2000.

Useful Information

To view the full range of products, warranty details, technical information and installation guides please click on the following link:

Please see the Floplast web site here.

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Our Suppliers

We carry a comprehensive range of products from leading brands in the uPVC industry and responding promptly to short notice demands has been key to the success of the company.

By clicking on the logos and following the links you will find all information you require regarding product range, warranties, technical information and installation guides.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product range or service. Use the form below to e-mail us, or telephone us on 01492 546286.

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